Much like Spring, Lacrosse is in the Air

cropped-photo-113.jpgIt’s beginning to feel a lot like… Spring! That’s right, winter is slowly melting away and, here at the Berkshire Outdoor Center, we are excited to welcome the newest season. Put away your basketball shoes and hockey skates because it is now lacrosse season. This week at BOC, we have two different college lacrosse teams visiting the Berkshires for some team building and outdoor challenges.

The Wheaton College lacrosse team enjoyed snowshoeing around camp this morning. One team member, Giovanna, said, “It was really peaceful. Even though we were all together out there, it felt like we were alone.” We completely agree that snowshoeing this winter has been a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and connect with nature. The women also love all the competitive games that they are playing outside, including broomball- a BOC favorite. The team then got to challenge themselves on the alpine tower, and friends supported one another from the ground as each women climbed to the top platform.


As mud replaces snow, we wanted to know what some of the women’s favorite parts of spring are. A poem inspired by the Wheaton lacrosse team and My Favorite Things (from The Sound of Music):

Snow melts on sidewalks and sun shines on faces
The trees are blooming in all sorts of places
Squirrels are running and all the birds sing
This is why I really love spring.

Bright colored robins and colorful flowers
Playing outside after warm rain showers
A shift of the seasons and the changes it brings
This is why I really love spring.

The days grow longer and also much brighter
Snow boots replaced with shoes that are lighter
Feeling the breeze as I fly on the swing
This is why I really love spring.

When the frost bites, when the wind stings
When it’s cold and dark
I simply remember these pieces of spring
And into the day, I embark!


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