Highland Elementary School Trudges Through The Snow

The Berkshire Outdoor Center is continuing to explore the wilderness, with the help of a nearby elementary school.  This week Highland Elementary brought their 5th graders out to have some fun.  Our instructors took the children snow shoeing, rock climbing, cross country skiing, and played broomball.  Despite snow drifts above their waists and the bite of the cold, the students toughed it out and had a great time!

One of the students here this week was Autumn. Coming to the BOC and staying overnight was the first time Autumn has really been away from home.  There was no fear from her however, because she was having so much fun outside.  She had just been cross country skiing and was really excited to go rock climbing next.  Another thing she wanted to make sure everyone knew was that the food was great!  Keep it up food service staff!


Aidan was another 5th grade student here for the first time.  Aidan was super excited to be here.  He couldn’t wait to be outside all day, because they never get to do that at school.  Aidan had been cross country skiing before, but he said that the trails here at the BOC were great.  After skiing, Aidan was really looking forward to just being able to be with friends all day long.


When the cold became just a little too much, the kids were able to come inside and drink hot chocolate.  While inside, the students played games like Gaga Ball and low ropes activities.  One of the challenges is to have your classmates holding ropes connected to a ladder. Once the ladder is upright, students are able to climb up and over.  It sounds easy, but it is not.  A little nerve wracking in truth. The group did a wonderful job though, with everyone pitching in.


The fifth graders still have an exciting evening to go, with large group activities like zingers and a campfire. Tomorrow the fun doesn’t stop.  As Highland Elementary students are learning, the winter season is an incredible time to have fun outdoors.  I hope you all are able to do the same.  Keep warm out there!


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