Girl Scouts Brave the Berkshire Winter

Greetings from the Berkshires,

I am coming to you live from the Berkshire Outdoor Center. We have just landed ourselves a good several inches of snow and the temperature has dropped to a real feel of -17 degrees. Today here at the Center we have a group of fearless girl scouts braving the fierce winds while doing team building activities and ice skating first thing in the morning. Not once did I ever see a frown, the girls were full of smiles and giggles from the very beginning.   After a morning of adventure the girls came in with some time to spare, so I began interviewing a few ladies.


“Meet The Cookies”

Me: So Michaele, tell me how did you feel before you left the house the morning?

Michaele: Very excited, I heard this place was so awesome.

Me: Now that you are here, what are you excited to do the most?

Michaele: Snow tubing, I’ve never been!

Me: And have you ever been outside for this long in the cold?

Michaele: Yes, but never for this long?

Me: Were you at any point too cold?

Michaele: Nope, not at all. Running around kept me really warm.

Me: Alright Michaele, I’ve got one final question for you. What Girl Scout cookie could you never live without?

Michaele: The Thanks a lots. They’re my favorite!



After my interview with Michaele I was introduced to a young lady named Lily, and what a character she was. I was informed that there are three badges the girls can earn while they are here. They can earn the Night Owl Badge, the Trail Blazer Badge, and the Adventurer Badge! She was very excited to tell me this and pretty much anything I wanted to know because it meant she could practice one of her three accents. Her goal is to master the British, Irish, and Scottish accent, but she wasn’t the only one. My next interviewee, Annika, was also part of the accent posse.

Me: So tell me Annika, how did you find out about this trip?

Annika: (In a British accent) This is my second time coming now, and I found out about it from one of my troop members sisters. We are all basically just one big group of sisters, everyone knows everyone.

Me: Wow, quite interesting, and how is it here compared to the last time you were here?

Annika: (In a Scottish accent) So much colder than the last time, but it’s still really great here. This year I get to be one of the leaders, which is really awesome.

Me: What does it mean to be one of the leaders?

Annika: (In an Irish accent) It means I get to help with more things, like coming to help set tables during meals.

Me: Well we really appreciate all of your help, I just have one more question for you. If you were stranded on an island all by yourself, which box of Girl Scout cookies would you bring with you?

Annika: (In a Scottish/Irish accent) I would bring Thin Mints, definitely Thin Mints!

Me: Well thanks for your time Annika, good luck with your accents!


Next up I have got 10 year old Emma with me.


Me: Hello Emma, tell me how are you feeling this morning?

Emma: Very enthusiastic, I’m really happy to be here!

Me: Have you been to the B.O.C. before?

Emma: No, this is my first time.

Me: What has been your favorite activity so far?

Emma: Ice skating, I had never been before.

Me: That is so exciting! What was the best moment you had out on the ice?

Emma: My best moment was being able to ice skate. I had never been before so I started out with the chair, but then I finally went without the chair.

Me: Did you have any falls?

Emma: A few, but they didn’t really hurt, I just got back up and tried again.

Me: Very impressive, you’re quite the trooper Emma. Can you please answer me one last question.

Emma: Sure

Me: If you had to eat 50 Girl Scout cookies back to back, which flavor would you choose?

Emma: Oh boy, I’m going to have to say Caramel delights.

Me: Alright Emma that’s all I’ve got for you, please send over one last friend.


Our final interview of the day is with Cailyn, age 10.


Me: Hi there Cailyn, thanks for taking some time to speak with me.

Cailyn: No problem

Me: Have you been here before?

Cailyn: No I haven’t

Me: How were you feeling before you left the hose today?

Cailyn: Really Nervous about things

Me: What kind of things?

Cailyn: I just didn’t know how things were going to be is all

Me: Hmm, well how are you feeling now that you are here?

Cailyn: I like it a lot, I’m having a lot of fun.

Me: What are you most looking forward to doing while you are here?

Cailyn: Well I’ve never been tubing, so I am really looking forward to that!

Me: Have you ever been outside when it was this cold?

Cailyn: Oh yeah, this is nothing!

Me: Well you are one tough cookie! Speaking of cookies, I’ve got to ask…

Cailyn: You want to know my favorite cookie?

Me: Well actually, I was wondering if you were to be spun around times with your eyes blind folded, what kind of cookie would you want someone to put in your mouth?

Cailyn: Wow…Well I suppose Thin Mints.

Me: Thank you so much Cailyn.

Well there you have it from the mouths of cookies! They are brave, they are fierce, they are The Girl Scouts!


One thought on “Girl Scouts Brave the Berkshire Winter

  1. This is the single best thing I’ve read so far this year. Girls playing outside in the winter? check. Cookies? check. Scottish and Irish accents? double check. Keep up the good work, BOC.

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