Ecology Training in the Berkshires

Spring has arrived in full here in the Berkshires. The trees are budding, the sun is shining, and the more and more groups are arriving everyday! Although we are as busy as ever, we always find time to improve our programming.

Staff training  is always continuing here at BOC with our staff dedicating time to brushing up on their knowledge of the local plant and animal life that populates our property. It’s been an exciting few days. Our staff has enjoyed the opportunity to expand their existing knowledge whilst also sharing what they already know with their fellow coworkers! We’ve all learned something new this week.

Monday was spent exploring the adaptive traits, behavioral patterns, and environmental preferences of the Beaver. Our team toured a variety of local beaver habitations. We took that time to study in-person the impacts Beaver dams have on their local environments, their dams and lodges, and the adaptations the Beaver has that make it so unique. We were lucky enough to spot a few beavers out for a swim in the latter part of our day!









On Tuesday, our staff brushed up on it’s understanding of the lifeforms found in our local ponds. We began by collecting a sample of specimens from a nearby body of water…




… and then set to work identifying the organisms in our sample.




Brendan attempting to identify a Dragonfly Nymph we found in the pond!



In only an hour, we collected over ten unique specimens that were then identified and cataloged! Our staff reinforced their understanding of how scientists classify living organisms. They also brushed up on their knowledge of the local inhabitants in our ponds and swamps.

Just another week of work here at the Berkshire Outdoor Center! We all look forward to passing on this knowledge to our friends and guests in the coming months!


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