Spring Staff Training 2014

It is official; our spring 2014 season is officially underway! The staff here at the Berkshire Outdoor Center spent the first week in April brushing up on our Ecology, Facilitation and Spring Recreation skills. We focused on creating a Professional Development Plan for each staff member that crystallized individual goals for: leadership facilitation, recreation skill teaching, and environmental science instruction. This spring season we will see more than 5,000 people come through our doors. In order to deliver the highest quality programs we devote a lot of staff hours to training and program creation. Throughout the week our ten staff spent two days on the High Ropes Course, and many hours learning new techniques for introducing activities and alternative ways of processing experiences. Our Executive Director stepped into teach Forest Ecology and the entire staff spent time creating alternative activities for inclement weather that we are sure to implement at sometime this spring. It was a week of instruction that will lay the foundation for a whole seasons worth of learning for our guests, staff members, and administration team. We feel prepared and ready to bring the outdoors and experiential education to the thousands of guests we will serve in the next three months!ImageImageImageImageImage


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